Financial Seminars

Financial literacy seminars in Rochester, NY

Your path to financial independence starts here.

Foundation for Women’s Financial Education offers financial education seminars to strengthen a woman’s financial knowledge and understanding. For many women, it’s not about a lack of money management skills, rather it’s often having the lack of time to fully understand your role as a “money manager” regardless of your financial position. Our goal is to ensure that every woman regardless of age, profession, or education in the Greater Rochester area has the confidence to make decisions for their personal financial situation.

Take the time to invest in the best investment—yourself. Time is valuable, that’s why our seminars are only 60-90 minutes long. This provides a convenient way to learn in a welcoming and fun atmosphere with other women who are in the same position. Our seminars are led by a team of committed and passionate financial professionals who provide valuable education and unbiased information.

Our financial education seminars are partially subsidized through grants, donations, and volunteers to offer an affordable seminar rate of $25 to our participants.

Seminar Calendar & Upcoming Seminars

March 21, 2024

Identity Theft and Your Financial Life

The majority of identity theft is committed by someone we know – what can you do to protect yourself or a loved one? What’s the difference between identity theft and plain old theft?  Learn what questions to ask, what steps to take, and ways to avoid having your identity stolen.

6:00-7:30pm, $25.00

April 18, 2024

Mom Needs Help… Now What?

Whether it is a sudden unexpected event or a slow process, helping our parents age gracefully can be a complicated situation. Learn what signs to watch for and tips on how the navigate the ever-expanding variety of services designed to help.

6:00-7:30pm, $25.00

May 16, 2024

Basics of Financial Planning

How do I know when I need a financial planner? How do I search for one? What is a fiduciary? What should I expect from my financial planner? We will address these questions and help increase your level of comfort with key financial topics.

6:00-7:30pm, $25.00

June 20, 2024

Where there’s a Will, You’re the Way

Executor, Trustee, or Power of Attorney… each have a role and responsibility with life and estate planning. Many of us are given one of these roles for a family member or friend without knowing what is expected of us. Understanding each role and the differences between them is helpful to know before you need it and when thinking about your own life plans.

6:00-7:30pm, $25.00

Customized Seminars

Is your organization looking for a deeper dive into the money issues that matter most to you? The Foundation for Women’s Financial Education can develop a customized seminar or workshop series at your location. Contact us for more information.